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Privacy Policy pursuant to Legislative Decree 196/2003

Dear Customer,

We inform you that, pursuant to the clause 13, Legislative Decree 196/2003, Max Sport S.n.c. will use your personal data within the law in the field of defense of the personal data use.

The provision of the data is necessary and a possible refusal will make the online purchase impossible.

We inform you, as well, that your personal data are stored online and used by representative third party ( home delivery, data entry) and can be used, with your agreement, for the following purposes:

-execution of the order and management of the products purchase order;

-statistical elaborations and online advertisement.

The provision of the data for these activities is facultative and your possible refusal will prevent Max Sport S.n.c. to effectuate the activities.

In any case your data won’t be communicated (except for the home delivery and data entry) or sold to third party. Your data, at Max Sport S.n.c., will be known only by individuals in charge working at Responsible E-commerce, Information Technology, Marketing, Commercial, Sales and administrative offices.

Pursuant to the clause 7, legislative decree 196/2003, the Customer has the right to obtain, from the Responsible, info about his personal data use, its purpose and following:

1)     Confirmation of the data existence and communication of their origin;

2)     The details of the Holder and the Responsible, and the subjects to whom the data can be communicated;

3)     The update, amendment and integration of the data;

4)     The cancellation, modification into anonymity, the block of the agreements that violate the law;

5)     The attestation that the operations (points 3 and 4) are known by those who treat the data, except in the cases of impossibility or necessity of disproportionate use of means;

6)     To stand opposite: to the use of personal data for licit reasons; to the use of personal data for commercial use or marketing researches.

Max Sport S.n.c. is the holder of the use of the personal data.


What are Cookies?

Cookies and flash cookies are small files that are saved on your data carrier which store specific information about your preferred settings and any other data that our system needs when interacting with your browser. There are two different kinds of cookies: session cookies, which are deleted the moment you quit your browser; and temporary/permanent cookies, which are stored on your data carrier for a longer period of time or, in some cases, permanently. Cookies help us to tailor our website to suit you and to reflect your tastes and your browsing habits. They also allow us to save any information you have entered so you don’t have to enter it all again the next time you visit.

What kind of cookies do Max Sport use?

Most of the cookies we use are session cookies which are deleted at the end of your browser session. We use these to allow you to use our shopping basket function across more than page of our site, for example. We do use some cookies that remain on your computer after you have quit your browser. This kind of cookie enables our system to recognise that you’ve visited our website before and to remember which settings and products you preferred. These temporary/permanent cookies have a lifespan of around one month to ten years, after which they will be automatically deleted. These cookies allow us to collect and analyse data to come up with strategies to improve our website. This makes our website easier for our customers to use and helps us to provide you with personal recommendation of products you may like. Our aim is to offer you a fun, easy shopping experience on a website that is tailored to your tastes.

What kind of information is stored in cookies?

The cookies used by Max Sport are never used to store any personal information. Therefore our cookies cannot be traced back to an individual user. Once a cookie is activated, it is given an ID number, which is solely used for internal reference and cannot be used to identify the user or access any personal information, such as your name or IP address. The anonymised information we receive from the cookies allows us to assess which pages of our site are visited the most and see which products were most popular etc.

What is on-site targeting?

The Max Sport website gathers information that could be useful in tailoring our adverts and online offer to our customers. This information is not used to identify you as a user; it is solely used for the optimization of our website. Information collected by our cookies is not stored with our customer’s personal information or order information, it is only used to provide our users with adverts and/or notification of offers and services that are suited to their individual tastes, using click stream analysis (e.g. adverts for reduced trainers if a customer has been browsing our sports shoe selection). Our goal is to provide you with a shopping experience suited to your tastes and shopping preferences.


Our website uses retargeting, which allows us to make our online offer more interesting for you. Retargeting technology means we can advertise recently viewed and related products on our partners’ websites, meaning our adverts, even on other companies’ sites, are relevant to what you would like to see. We do this by analyzing user behavior from data collected by our cookies. Even this kind of information is anonymous, with no personal information being stored and no user profiles.